1989 Frosty Cabin Snowcopalyse

Friday, November 24, 1989

Miller-Gallagher post-Thanksgiving snow adventures at the Frosty Cabin, Serene Lakes, November, 1989. (9 minutes)

1989 "A Woman's Work is Never Done"

Wednesday, November 1, 1989

Creagh and classmates sing "A Woman's Work is Never Done" in their 3rd grade play "Noah and the Flood" at East Bay Waldorf School. (3 minutes)

1988 Thor with Giants

Sunday, May 1, 1988

"Thor with Giants" a play produced by the Grade 4 East Bay Waldorf School in May of 1988.

STARRING: Mohan ______ (Thor), Noah Miller (Loki), Jessica Blinn (Utgarda-Loki, the giant), Heather Ficklin (Freya), Leila Tschappat (Heimdall), Sophia Rosenthal & Carolyn Zola (Gunahafta), Macinda  Monges (unnamed Aesir), Celia Sears (Odin), Chris Norman (Giant).  MUSIC BY: Laurence Rosenthal.  DIRECTED BY: Sherri McCarthy.  FILMED BY: Joan Wheeler-Miller (23 minutes)