2017 The Torch Has Been Passed

Friday, December 1, 2017

Third-grader, Alex Woods, reads the poem "A Ballad of China" to her great-uncle, George Miller, Thanksgiving, 2017, thus perpetuating a four-generation Miller tradition starring Dilliki Dolliki Dinah, Hy Kokolorum, and the Panther Bill. (7 minutes)

2016 A Niece Married and a Nephew Found

Saturday, October 29, 2016

An abridged clip of the Cassie Woods-Tom Peirce Wedding, October 29, 2016, Santa Paula, CA, officiated by Chris Skaggs, Cassie's long lost brother. (8 minutes)

2004 Winter Solstice Frolics at Spruce St.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Celebrating the Winter Solstice with a skit entitled "The Descent of Innana" at the Miller home in Berkeley, December 21, 2004.  Starring: Ken Duffy, Emily Duffy, Patrick Duffy, Creagh Miller, Noah Miller, Julie Bryant, Joan Wheeler-Miller, Ponder Goddard, Pacifica Goddard, Kathy Barnhart , Rosalie Fanshel, John McCarthy, Virginia Schaefer, Candy Girard, Rick Duham, Jaya Girard, Robbie ____, George Miller (cameraman). (2 minutes).

2002 McCarney Reunion in Litchfield, Mannanah, & Morris, MN

Friday, June 21, 2002

Family Reunion of descendants of James McCarney (1826-1902) and Margery McGinley (1826-1900)  in Litchfield, Mannanah, & Morris, MN, June 21-23, 2002.  Starring: 7 Dingels, 2 Duffys, 1 Schaefer, 3 Gallaghers, 3 Niebergalls, 1 Flynn, 1 Mary B. Flynn (audio recording), 3 Brooks, 2 Becks, 8 Edmunds, 2 Millers, 2 Fiders, 5 McCarneys, and dozens of other cousins we haven’t been able to identify. (61 minutes)

1998 On the trail of Mary B. Flynn with the Miller Boys

Thursday, May 28, 1998

In May, 1998 George and Noah Miller follow the 1900 route of ancestor, Mary B. Flynn Duffy (Nana), from Morris, Minnesota to Lander, Wyoming to California.  Featuring Nana's 1973 audio reflections of her early life in Morris and Lander. (30 minutes)

1996 Christmas Evening at the Duffy's in Berkeley

Wednesday, December 25, 1996

Duffy-Gallagher-Miller-Wheeler Christmas Caroling at the Duffy's in Berkeley in 1996.  STARRING: Noah Miller, Andrew Duffy, Emily Duffy, Hannah Wheeler, Helen Gallagher, Paul Duffy, Leo Miller, Pat Gallagher Sr., Shelia Duffy, Pat Gallagher Jr., George Miller, Joan Wheeler-Miller, Jean Miller, Fran Duffy, Patrick Duffy, Creagh Miller, Ken Duffy, Gene Khaja, Judie Mero, David Luce, Rachel Duffy, Tim Mero, Elisabeth Gallagher, Nelda Barchers, Polly Gallagher, Kayla Gallagher, Vince Gallagher, Christie Mero, Kazuye Suyematsu.  (14 minutes)